There are individuals, heroes really, who undertake journeys, quests really, and one such epic adventurer is Sanford Zale. I, Gary Scudder, am honored to play Samwise Gamgee, or in this case Samwiseass Gamgee, to his Frodo Baggins.

On May 31st, the amazing Sanford, to be known henceforth as Sanford of the Plains, will complete his domination of America (America!) by sojourning to Oklahoma (with stops along the way for pilgrimmages to Longg Island, Washington DC, the Natti, Rising Sun, Indiana, and various and sundry inns of ill repute along the way).  We will be following US 50 west into the heart of the continent (and probably the heart of darkness).

Doubtless this will lead to a novel, a coffeetable book, an award winning documentary and incarceration, but for now, there is just this blog.


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  1. Sanford of the Plains! So very romantic.

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