Last night Steve led me out to the Candle Light Lounge in Treme to listen to the Treme Brass Band.  The evening was amazing.  The cover charge was only $5 and the music and atmosphere were beyond amazing – and at midnight all the customers were dished out bowls of red beans and rice.  I can, sadly, imagine folks not walking into the Candle Light Lounge because it is a “dive” and then returning to Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville place (this is my best friend Dave’s great pet peeve – well, one of them).  The place was intimate and exactly what I was hoping for, especially coming on the heels of the trip to Oklahoma and having to witness so many instances of desolation and cultural homogenization.  Because of the success of the HBO series Treme there were certainly more folks there for a Wednesday night than might have been the case three years ago, especially among the young and beautiful, but Steve said it felt the same, and he’s been coming here since the 90s.  Drinks are still inexpensive and you’re still queueing up for cold Dixies and red beans and rice.  Like most men I rank things and this was definitely a top ten evening. 


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