Mistic Krewe of Saturnalia



One of the things that makes this trip so fantastic is spending time with my great friend Steve Wehmeyer.  Besides the fact that he is a prince among good fellows, he also knows an extraordinary amount about New Orleans culture.  I wasn’t kidding earlier when I said he was down here doing research.  Just walking through the Lousiana State Museum was an educational experience, and I learned so much about Mardi Gras and carnival and second line societies and krewes.  It led me to think about the possibility of changing the name of the Gentlemen of Excellence to something that reflected the presence of the members of the fairer sex – and, let’s face it, some of our most excellent members are folks like Cyndi Brandenburg, Heidi Steiner and Cinse Bonino.  So, in keeping with the spirit of the walk through the museum and New Orleans culture, I thought of the Mistic Krewe of Saturnalia.  And then I saw this outfit for the Zulu Queen, which reminded me of a strikingly similar outfit worn by Cyndi, and I realized the natural brilliance of the choice.


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