Great first day in New Orleans.  It was wonderful to walk around the city again.  I had this odd sensation (well, it’s not that odd really) where I kept thinking about Mumbai; mainly I think it was the heat, humidity and the weathered look of the buildings.  Saw a great, and sobering, exhibit at the museum off Jackson Square on Katrina.  Part of the exhibit featured the de facto journal that a man trapped in a house kept by writing on the wall – they had strips of the actual wallpaper.  it really was such a shameful chapter in our history.  I’ve talked to so many people overseas who said that it was the total inept collapse of the governmental response to Katrina that did more to shake their faith in America than anything else.  Those things happen in other places, not in the US.


2 responses to “Katrina

  1. The governmental response to Katrina was shameful and pathetic at the local, state, and federal levels. Whatever you think of government and its role in our lives, we need to have people who know how to do their same jobs.
    An acronym for FEMA used in Treme is

  2. I meant to say “damn jobs”

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