Central Grocery





And how can you go to New Orleans and not have a muffuletta at the Central Grocery?  Well, you can’t, obviously.  Before I leave I will be grabbing a couple jars of the olive salad, which I will intend to use to make my own muffulettas, but will probably just end up eating out of the jar with a spoon.

2 responses to “Central Grocery

  1. Mmmmm ….. Muffaletta ….. I’m so jealous. What about beignets at Cafe du Monde? Has Steve taken you to see Marie Laveau’s grave yet? Oh — and you must read Michael Ventura’s “Hear That Long Snake Moan” — makes connections between Vodou and rock n roll. If Steve doesn’t have a PDF handy, hear is a link: http://www.sjsu.edu/people/mira.amiras/courses/c10/s2/Michael%20Ventura%20Hear%20that%20Long%20Snake%20Moan.pdf

    miss you, as well as my husband!

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