“it is still a beautiful world”




Here are some pictures that we took on the corner of old 40 and 41, the crossroads of America, in downtown Terre Haute.  Apparently Max Ehrmann wrote Desiderata while sitting on a bench at the corner.  Here’s Sandy kissing the statue of Max, much as he did Daniel Boone in St Charles.  The only thing that kept him from kissing the statue of Harry Truman in Jefferson City is that it was encased in glass.  I’ve always liked the poem, although it does read like warmed over Marcus Aurelius to me (although, to be fair, my philosopher friends would put out that Marcus Aurelius is just warmed over Epictetus).  That said, the words really ring true with me right now in regards to this trip.  It is still a beautiful world, and I can’t thank Sandy enough for letting me tag along on this adventure.


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