Eugene V. Debs




One of the things that make Sandy and I good travelling companions is that we happily put up with each other’s peculiarities.  And, let’s be honest, mine are always a bit stranger than his: Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY; site of In Cold Blood murders in Holcomb, KS; Missouri Stonehenge in Rolla, MO, etc.  Today he patiently helped me track down the home and museum of one of my heroes, the socialist leader Eugene V, Debs, in Terre Haute, IN.  Although I really like some Hoosier authors, most notably Booth Tarkenton and Kurt Vonnegut, I would promote Debs for greatest Hoosier.  Sadly, although not surprisingly, the town doesn’t do much to celebrate his life and accomplishments.  There is the Debs Museum right in the middle of the Indiana State University campus (the school grew and swallowed the neighborhood).  Unfortunately we arrived too late in the day to get inside and had to satisfy ourselves with walking around the small yard and examining the plaques of other famous socialists and labor leaders in the backyard.  I’ll have to make it back someday.


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