The Last Trip to Tulsa

We’ve finally made it to Tulsa (and my phone decided to join us).  We were pulling into the parking lot of the Holiday Inn Express by the casino when we both heard a little, timid beep.  I said, “I know this is impossible, but that’s the sound my phone makes when the battery is dying.”  So, we tore the cae apart again, and we found it.  Inexplicable.

We actively do not like Tulsa.  Neither of us have a city this big with so few hotels.  We circled endlessly until we grudgingly checked into this hotel (although it is nice and the guy at the front desk could not be nicer, and helped out in getting my phone reactivated).  We’re hanging around here because there is a chance that we can see a couple of Sandy’s old friends.  We’ll know more later.


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