Saturday Night in Enid

We ended up having a really fun night in Enid, Oklahoma.  We put the unpleasantness of the phone theft behind us and decided to see more America.  Sandy, who has shown an amazing ability to always make the right decision on this trip (which is so different than his experiences in Vermont where the opposite is always true) made two more wise choices.  We had dinner at a local restaurant called Pastimes.  He had another great steak while I had fettucini alfredo (somewhere my son is laughing).  The waiter suggested that we try Callahan’s, which was only about four blocks away.  A wonderful time.  In between a couple very friendly waitresses, Lindsey and Sparky, and a guy by the name of Levi, we were consistently entertained.  As has been the case throughout the entire trip everyone who hears our story immediately falls in love with us.  And, as has also consistent been the case, it is the young folks of all the various towns who have been amazingly warm and welcoming.  The only problem we faced, which forced us to hang around for another hour, is the absolute monsoon weather which has descended on Enid.  We didn’t have a drop of rain for a week and a half after leaving Vermont, and it has rained incredibly hard for hours here tonight.  A truly wild storm that had the lights in the bar blinking on and off.  Every one of the folks we met tonight encouraged us to stay for another couple days and proposed a number of different options for alternative plans for tomorrow.  We are quite sold on Oklahoma.


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