Most of Us Have Made it to Enid

Sandy and I have made it to Enid.  The only thing we left behind in Guymon, beyond our hearts obviously, is my Droid phone, which was stolen from our rental car at a gas station.  We had left the car unattended, in the middle of the day along a very busy road, for no more than two minutes, and in that time some reprobate swiped the phone.  It is a pain, although I’m much angrier about all the pictures I’ve lost in the process.  This required us going to a local Verizon store in Guymon to report the theft and go through the process of calling the insurance company (luckily I had the Droid insured) to have them send me a new phone.  They did not have the same type of Droid I had, and instead are sending me a Global Droid, which I guess means that fate is telling me that I am going to spend next year in Abu Dhabi after all.  The woman at the Verizon store, Sara, may well be the nicest human being on the face of the earth.  She was so overwhelming pleasant and helpful that the impossible happened – Sandy bought a cell phone.  Yes, this now just leaves Mike Lange as the only person in the North America who does not have a cell phone.


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