Elmwood, Oklahoma

After leaving Guymon we followed 142 west and travelled through some amazing diverse territory.  Oklahoma is far more diverse geologically than I realized (but more on that later).  Let me include a quick posting about Elmwood, Oklahoma.  While a lot of Oklahoma was beautiful, there was also a tremendous amount of economic devastation (much as we saw in Kansas).  The high (or low) point in many ways was Elmwood, a little town on a windy and barren crossroads.  We pulled into the Elmwood Pit Stop & Motel to grab something to drink.  There was no motel, since it had obviously burned to the ground.  There was precious little inside the story, and the woman, who was Egyptian, was selling trinkets from Egypt (although I can’t really imagine that her boss would have approved).  She was asking $10 for key chains that probably were worth about 50 cents, although she claimed that they were from Egypt.  She was initially from Cairo and seemed really pleased that I had been to Cairo, and even approved of my clumsy Arabic.  My favorite part of the bizarre, almost Lynchian moment, was seeing the dogs ON THE ROOF barking at me.  Almost indescribablely weird.


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