The Glamorous Life


One of the challenges of a long trip, obviously, is finding someplace to do your laundry.  When I’m overseas I’ve learned that it’s OK to just go ahead and pay the extra money (and it is always much more extra money than it should be) to have the hotel do your laundry.  And when I’ve been on a really tight budget and had a couple days in one spot I’d wasj out my own things and hang them to dry.  Neither of these options seemed a viable option on this trip.  After bullying Sandy into actually allowing me to do some of his laundry (although he held back any socks or underwear, either because he had packed those items in abundance already or we haven’t reached that stage of our friendship yet, which I suspect does come later in the male friendship than a female friendship) I picked up the requisite tokens and little box of detergent and made my way to the hotel’s single washer and dryer at 7:00 a.m..  After loading everything in the washer I popped in the token and, huzzah, nothing happened.  That’s when I read the sign that explained that the operating hours of the washer and dryer were 8:00 a.m. to 10 p.m. and that they were set on a timer.  Since I had already covered all of our clothes with laundry detergent my options were limited, so I plopped down to kill time and blog.  After a random amount of time, and certainly well before 8:00 a.m., the washer just turned itself on.  Success, although this is yet another example of why my friends Kerry and Steve were so amazingly far off base when they named me the International Man of Mystery.  That said, after learning about William Allen White, the Sage of Emporia, Sandy and I have determined that we want to be known as the Sage of Sayville and the Sage of Rising Sun, respectively, and will be referring to each other by those designations (like US senators) at all Core divisional and Faculty Senate meetings from now on.


One response to “The Glamorous Life

  1. “Off Base?” I think not… see… a washer on a secret timer that turns itself on while the Agent is blogging is *exactly* the sort of gadget I’d expect an International Man of Mystery to have… a little more pedestrian than an Aston Martin with an ejector seat… but still 007 worthy nonetheless…

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