Rising Sun, Indiana





This trip gave us the chance to cut through southern Indiana, which allowed me to return the favor to Sandy and show him my hometown (we had earlier visited Sayville).  My family moved from Rising Sun to Lawrenceburg after I finished first grade, but I’ve always considered Rising Sun to be my hometown and it’s listest as such on all my official documents.  It’s a very pretty little town on the Ohio River. That used to be an important port in the riverboat days.  It’s located in Ohio County, and according to my brother Eric, it’s the smallest county in the lower 48 states.  It is across the river from Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, and, no, I’m not kidding.  We stopped in front of our old house on Mulberry Street (I always thought Dr Seuss was talking about what I saw on Mulberry) and even swung through the cemetary briefly and unsuccessfully in an attempt to find the graves of my grandparents, or, as we’d say, to visit my people.   Sandy said he’d happily retire in Rising Sun, which I consider a very nice compliment.


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