Friday Night in Liberal, Kansas



A pretty quiet night in Liberal, Kansas, which is right on the border with Oklahoma.  We settled down here to visit the official Dorothy’s house, at least according to the governor of Kansas.  We’ll see it, and doubtless all measure of Wizard of Oz, Americana, tomorrow morning before heading on to Guymon.  As it turns out I believe that Guymon will end up being out firthest point west, so I was incorrect when I proposed that it would be Holcolm.  My good friend Kate wanted to know why we were staying on Pancake Boulevard, and I had to explain that Liberal is the home of International Pancake Day (which is held jointly with Olney, England and features pancake races – sadly we arrived too late).  We ate steaks (this is Kansas, you know) at the the Branding Iron, which is located here in the Liberal Inn.  Two steaks, dessert and around ten drinks – all for less tha $60; we’re definitely in Kansas.  Very nice folks.  They were very excited to hear about our adventure, but every one of them proposed that Guymon was a particularly foolish choice for a destination.  They also offered options for other sites, including a visit to Hooker, Oklahoma – and we’re supposed to get the I Love Hooker shirt from the tourist office (sounds like a great souvenir option).  Next we walked to Joe’s Tumbling Stumbling Club, but were turned away because we’re not members.  Actually, we refused to pay the $10 membership fee.  Our attempts to show them our St John’s Club cards and demand reciprocity were rebuffed.  Sandy, recalling a famous adventure with Erik Esckilsen, found himself sputtering, “you can’t possibly come into Joe’s Tumbling Stumbling Club.”


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