Arabic on the Road

Since I started working on Arabic using Rosetta Stone three months ago I haven’t taken even one day off (it’s part od my task-oriented mania), and I’ve brought my laptop along on the trip to keep working on it.  It’s a testament to what a good soul is that he just sits quietly reading or trying to sleep while I jabber away (in very clumsy Arabic) into my headset.  This morning I had the odd/wonderful/unsettling experience of taking my laptop and headset into the coffeeshop here at the Best Western Hotel in Emporia.  The place was packed, which I didn’t see coming, but I was determined to get my work in.  Mainly I just received many odd looks, with the exception of the religious study group at the next table which alternated sentences about the endless love and forgiveness of Jesus with very hateful looks directed at me.  Luckily Kansas is not known for radical religious acts . . .


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