Third Rail





Since the Great Pacific Coffeeshop closed early, our waitress Sandy suggested that we track down RJs, which supposed to be open until 1:00 am.  Not only was it not open until 1:00, it wasn’t even open.  And, as discussed in the previous posting, the entire street was downright creepy.  Sandy had also suggested another bar called the Third Rail, although she also said it was a posh bar and that we might have trouble getting people to wait on us.  As it turned out nothing could have been further from the truth.  The owner, Phil, loved the story of our adventure, and gave us a personal tour.  Here’s a nice picture of him and Melissa, the bartender.  Apparently he’s owned the place since 1987, when it was a car wash, and it has gone theough several incarnations.


2 responses to “Third Rail

  1. This is probably my favorite so far. The dinosaurs in the creation museum are pretty fun though too. I love how the bartender gave you a tour and posed for a picture.

  2. It looks like One Eyed Jacks from Twin Peaks which would be entirely appropriate.

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