Great Pacific Coffeeshop




Tonight was an epic story of persistance in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.  First off, we managed to make it through all of Indiana and Illinois, passed through St Louis, and slid into Missouri.  We settled into the Comfort Inn in Pacific, Missouri.  All the signs referred to it as “historic Pacific,” although it took us a while to figure out why (it was a key crossing point between north/south and east/west train travel and was contested during the Civil War for that reason.  We tracked down a cool little restaurant/bar bar in the historic part of town called the Great Pacific Coffeeshop.  We met a very nice waitress named Sandy who told us a bit of the town’s history.  Downtown itself was eerily quiet and I could only compare it to the quiet vampiric houses in Salem’s Lot.  Once the sun went down the vast majority of the houses and businesses, which did not appear to be abandoned, had no lights on.  Very creepy.  It was desolate as only the plains can be.


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