We ended our bried stay in Cincinnati at Neon’s in Over the Rhine.  It has a storied chapter in my story with Dave because we were having a beer here in Cincinnati ten years ago when the shooting that led to the race riots occured fairly close to the bar, although there is no direct proof that it is Dave’s fault (my own culpability, as with most things, is more problematic).  Over the Rhine is an impoverished and pretty grim area in the Natti.  It acquired that picturesque name from the German immigrants because it was on the other side of the canal that ran through town.  Over the Rhine had actually begun to make economic advancements in the 90’s with the appearance of bars and restaurants (including Kaldi’s, a personal favorite of ours, that was a combination bar, coffee shop, used book store and jazz club – which provided for my one stop demographic shopping) but the area never recovered from the riots.  Neon’s was closed for years and Kaldi’s never recovered.  In the large courtyard there is a great bocce ball court and a “life-size” jenga game, which is very popular with the engineering students from the University of Cincinnati.  It also allows dogs. Which makes it even more popular with Dave.


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