A Night in the Natti


We arrived in Cincinnati last night in one piece, despite my ill-conceived plan to save time by jumping on south 275 to north 71/75 to save time (major road repair).  This was further complicated by the fact that one of the roads to Dave’s house was washed out.  Nevertheless, we made it here in one piece and were royally welcomed by my friend Dave Kelley and is loveable (and mischevious) dog Scout.  We went out for a great meal at Allyn’s (Sandy had the catfish, and was very happy, while I had some wonderful cajun food – which led to a pretty impassioned rant on the horrible state of cooking/eating in Vermont).  After that we travelled to Monk’s Cove in Mount Adams and Chez Nora in Covington for the requisite adult beverages.  Dave and Sandy hit it off immediately, which is not surprising since they are two of the nicest and most easy-going souls so one could imagine.  Dave has been my best friend for 27 years (we did the math last night) and one of the great bonuses of this trip has been seeing him again.


One response to “A Night in the Natti

  1. Allyns, Frisch’s, and Terry’s Turf Club! Wish I was with you guys. The beer always tastes better at the ball park or out of a Bevedor. Safe travels.

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