Men of a Certain Vintage

As we planned this trip the one potential stumbling block that everyone always brought up was the very real possibility that Sandy’s back would give out.  It is the stuff of legend at Champlain.  Not many people can claim to have thrown out that back while grading (and none of us have ever figured that one out).  So, and typically, Sandy’s back is in great shape, even surviving two nights sleeping on a dorm mattress during his reunion in Georgetown.  Instead, I’m the one who has developed an ailment.  Much to my chagrin (and annoyance) I’ve developed a “floater” in my right eye (it sort of looks like a small brown smude, and floats around like a particularly persistent mosquito).  It showed up the other night when Debi and I were standing in line to buy tickets for the baseball game, and I thought it was a mosquito.  It’s not too bad so far, mainly annoying; although not a good harbinger for the future.  As soon as I get back to VT I will have a doctor take a look at it.  In the meantime the adventure continues unabated.   

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