Backroads Pizza


We had our first creepy America moment today.  About a half-hour outside of Parkersburg, WV we stopped at a little bar/restaurant called Backroads Pizza for a bathroom and soft drink break – at least we tried to do so.  The place was an absolute dive, and had a definite David Lynch feel.  They informed me that they had no soft drinks because of a busy weekend and could only offer us beers and wine coolers and pizza.  There was the requisite crazy/drunken guy talking gibberish while getting in everyone’s face.  While negotiating, unsuccessfully, for a non-alcoholic beverage, in an effort to make friends, I did point out that my liberal, Jewish, New York professor friend was in the back using the restroom, but it didn’t seem to make anyone happy.  Despite my proposal to hang around for some pizza and pool, Sandy didn’t seem very interested and we moved on down the road.  Quite simply, it didn’t seem to be a particularly welcoming place – and I think bad things happen there.

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