Sanford Zale: He is Not a Crook


Here is Sandy shortly before he dropped me off at the Metro station before returning to the shenanigans of his college reunion (and I made my way to the Shady Grove stop and the nurturing care of my friends Debi and Ben).  In this picture Sandy is on the Key bridge and is pointing towards the Watergate Hotel.  Part of this picture expresses our search for America, and some of it reflects Sandy’s inexplicable man crush on Richard Nixon.  As a child Sandy thought that Nixon was the only person who could count to infinity (it is an enlightening and fascinating story, especially if you are sitting in a bar and have received the philosophical benefits of several drinks).  On the road yesterday we discussed the pros and cons of a Sandy Zale presidency.  We decided, quite rightly, that Sandy’s rugged good looks and definite “guy” quality – and fondness for bourbon – made him eminently electable, while his wit, sagacity, French fluency, public speaking skills and good note-taking skills assured his success as a president.  I also proposed that Americans love a president with picturesque and exaggerated idiosyncracies, but Sandy didn’t see how that applied to him.  We could think of no cons to a Zale presidency, which was a nice counter-balance to the fact that we could think of no pros to a Scudder presidency.  We then had a lengthy discussion of our choices for vice-president, and after exploring regional, national and international considerations Sandy chose Nicole Kidman and I selected Juliette Binoche.


One response to “Sanford Zale: He is Not a Crook

  1. I would vote for him.

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