A Little Travelling Music

OK, up and ready to go, but running on way too little sleep (which I suspect will be a constant theme of this trip).  I wanted to log on this morning to see if the edited version of the Brandenburg Concerto on ABBA had successfully loaded (it was still thinking about it last night).  And while I’m on I’ll go ahead and quickly (still need to spend some time on Arabic before I take off) post on the music I’m bringing for the trip.  I’m not sure what Sandy will bring, although since he only has 3 CDs I’m sure I can guess.  Doubtless one of them will be the best of ABBA – and we will have many long discussions along the road on the merit of ABBA, not only in regards to aesthetics, but more importantly in regards to their role in fostering world harmony.

This is what I’m bringing: Lucinda Williams, West (naturally), Car Wheels on a Gravel Road and Sweet Old World; Drive-By-Truckers, Decoration Day; Robert Johnson, Best of Robert Johnson; Alejandro Escovedo, Real Animal; Neil Young, Live at Massey Hall and Decade (OK, he’s Canadian, but Rolling Stone Magazine one time referred to him as the last American hero – I’d bring more, but I don’t know about Sandy’s reaction to Crazy Horse, especially at the volume I would demand); Kathleen Edwards, Back to Me and Failer (again, Canadian, but she’s just tremendous, and definitely has an on the road feel); Uncle Tupelo, Discography; and Son Volt, Trace.

And Sanford would suggest, “America!”


One response to “A Little Travelling Music

  1. Enjoy America. I appreciate it even more given where I am. I wanted to donate a video too, but couldn’t smuggle it out. That’s because, in China,

    Anyways, I look forward to reading your exploits. Better save Robert Johnson til you hit the Delta – it’s just not going to sound right on Long Island.

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