Clock is Ticking

In only twenty-four hours we’ll be leaving on the Trip of Excellence, and there’s so much to do (at least for me, I’m sure Sandy is prepared).  I have located the suitcase I’m going to bring, which is a start.  I have to head up to school for some last minute work I need to clear off my desk, drop my bike off for its annual check-up (it is changing gears on its own, and sometimes we disagree on the choices it is making), and exchange the Flip camera I bought yesterday because the screen is messed up.  As Homer would say, “urge to kill rising.”  I’m going to bring my laptop on the trip so that I can blog (and occasionally force Sandy to write something) and also so that I can continue to work on Arabic (my latest project; I haven’t missed a day in two months and I know that if I miss one day then I’ll miss six months).  Pre-trip meals the last two nights with Cyndi & Bill & family and then last night with Kerry & Steve & Dasha and Mike Lange.  As my young friend Andy would say, “max fun.”  Talked to my Dad yesterday, so it looks like we’re definitely on for a visit with him.  He really liked the idea, and immediately brought up Blue Highways (which I remember him reading and loving a long time ago; and then Steve loaned me his copy last night).  Definitely getting excited for the trip.

Sanford Zale's Mecca or Elba?


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