Sanford Zale, Storm Chaser

This is Sandy’s quest and, rightfully, he should be the one who determines his own adventures.  Of course, that should not prevent us from suggesting adventures for him.  For instance, Andy is really hoping that Sandy will take the opportunity to engage in some rodeo activity, especially bull riding.  This is undeniably an idea of excellence, with only two potential problems: 1) we’ve just missed the famous Guymon Rodeo, and 2) Sandy’s back can best be compared to a rusty screen door hinge.  Other suggestions?

The adventure I’m afraid we will end up participating in is amateur and totally unintentional storm chasing.  Maybe it’s just my own childhood growing up in the tornado batting cage that is Indiana, but heading to Oklahoma during this season just calls up images of the opening scenes of The Wizard of Oz (we will be driving through Kansas, after all).  It doesn’t help that if you do a Google image search for Guymon, Oklahoma you automatically get several quite nasty scenes of tornadic activity.  The one plus would be that if Sandy and I get carried away in a twister it would make the Champlain administration quite happy.

"We're not in Vermont anymore."


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