Village of the Damned?

First off, let me point out that I have no trouble with Guymon, Oklahoma.  I’m quite looking forward to the trip.  Everyone I’ve ever met from Oklahoma has proven to be extraordinarily nice (and certainly much more pleasant that Vermonters, who are, on the best of days, fairly prickly).  By all accounts the 11,500 Guymonites are hard-working, dependable, salt of the earth type folks.

I just find it incredibly interesting that Sanford Zale – a man who is a noted scholar in American history – failed to divulge that the former name of Guymon, Oklahoma is – yes, you can see this coming – Sanford, Oklahoma.  Now, the Official Story that Sanford (the man, not the town, although I don’t know what they’re saying) continues to promulgate is that he was scanning a map of Oklahoma when, completely by chance, he noticed a town with bigger and bolder lettering than the other towns in the panhandle, and this is what drew him to Guymon.  I’m not a person who casually throws around accusations of alien abduction/insemination or Illuminati initiation, although I believe wholeheartedly that Sandy is a product of some unholy combination of the two.

I will begin the investigation when we visit his “parents” in Long, Island, and then hopefully get to the bottom of things when we reach Guymon/Sanford.  I suspect that this will actually be Sandy’s second trip to Guymon/Sanford, and that this entire trip has the makings of a film noire script (and I’m pretty sure that Erik Esckilsen will back me up on this, or at least write the screenplay).    My feeling is that this mystery (almost in a Dickensian sense) will involve a trip to the orphanage in Guymon/Sanford – and doubtless, in true film noire detective tradition, I will discover that Sandy’s real name is Guymon.  I need a young Micky Rourke to help solve the mystery of Sandy Favorite.

Guymon on the day of Sandy's birth - or arrival on the planet?

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