Guymon, Oklahoma

Every quest has to have a destination, either geographical or spiritual I suppose, and ours is Guymon, Oklahoma (although I’m not too certain about the spiritual side of this particular quest).  I didn’t know that Guymon was the destination until last night at an intensive planning session at the St. John’s Club.  Why Guymon?  According to their webpage, “As the largest, most centrally located city in the panhandle, Guymon is the business and retail center of the region.”  Sandy chose it because “it has the boldest print on the map of any city in the panhandle.”  You can’t argue with that logic.

It should be easy to find


One response to “Guymon, Oklahoma

  1. AND, even more interesting, Guymon used to be named Sanford according to Wikipedia. This is a sign that augurs well for your trip.

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